Visit to ISPS and FCA

Last time around me and Tanja did not have the opportunity to visit ISPS or FCA so I flew to Tete before the annual meeting for this. The day after I arrived in Tete we visited ISPS, in Songo: The trip from Tete to Songo covers what I personally consider one of the most beautiful regions in Mozambique with hills, rivers and many baobab tress, truly stunning! At ISPS we were welcomed by its staff and we then visited institute’s existing and future facilities and I was truly impressed by the magnitude what’s being built – once it’s finished it will give ISPS’ students and staff access to world-class facilities.




Once it’s built ISPS‘s future campus will be world-class.

The day after we visited Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias (FCA) of UniZambeze, in Ulongué, Angónia. At FCA we also met some of the staff and its Director and we were taken on a trip to the agricultural field where the focus is, at this moment, soy for animal feed in the region and throughout Mozambique.



Visiting the agricultural fields at FCA.

Visiting both institutions was a great experience and we have now visited the facilities of all the participants in our project. This has given us a very clear picture of what is missing in terms of capacity of the staff, laboratory and ICT equipment and what can be improved in the curricula so that more IWRM-related elements are included.

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