First annual project meeting

Last month, André, Bert and Luuk traveled to Tete to attend ZAMADZI’s first annual, this was an opportunity to meet all project partners and to agree on the next steps for the project. Here’s the report.

The annual meeting

All project participants really enjoyed our Future Search conference so we tried to emulate it and went for a very dynamic and interactive setup, with most of the conclusions being drawn from the discussions with the participants. Whereas the first day was allocated for the project stakeholders, the second day allowed the participation of external partners such as many public and government institutions, such as PLAMA, WeConsult, DNGRH and ARA Zambeze, to name a few. The main objective of this conference was to engaged with both internal and external partners and get comments of last year’s actions and worked on a road-map for 2018 and 2019.


Similarly to the Future Search conference, the annual meeting was a very dynamic event and allowed plenty of knowledge and experience sharing.

The next steps

This will be a very exciting year and we have on the pipeline:

  • A new call for MSc students with ten new scholarships;
  • Three new PhD projects based on the Zambeze Valley, with supervision being shared between us and staff from Universities in the region, members of the WaterNet network
  • We will roll-out a series of short-duration courses that will be given in the Valley, in a train-the-trainers approach;
  • Finally, we will also open a call for “action research“, a very hand-on approach whereby projects will be led by our local partners and will aim at study and solve water-related problems in the region.

So stay tuned because  much more information will be made available in the coming weeks.

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