An update on our latest activites

In the past few months we’ve been quite busy here at ZAMADZI. A we are now taking the opportunity to update you on the latest activities.

ICT road-trip

Our colleague Fernando, based at ADZ in Tete, went on a round-trip to all Requesting Organizations (ROs) involved in ZAMADZI to define which ICT infrastructure is available and what is necessary to deliver our short-duration courses, both in terms of software and hardware, including network facilities. An in-depth update about this visit will be shared in a forthcoming post.

Call for MSc candidates

We opened a call for new MSc candidates from ROs staff and we received a fair number of applicants. We will now evaluate their applications and come up with a decision in the coming weeks.

Call for PhD candidates

The selection process for the PhD candidates is well advanced: one candidate has already been interview at University of South Africa, a member of WaterNet. The other two candidates are, at this moment, following a course in Maputo and we expect to have a decision regarding their participation in the coming weeks.

Action research

Our call for action research proposals was a success and we got many interesting proposals until now, with tomorrow being the last available day for submission. It will surely be an interesting selection process as we cannot accept all proposals.

Short-duration courses

Finally, we are now finalizing the list of short-duration courses to be offered until the end of the year and we are in the process of defining the participation of local experts and providers in the process.

The next few weeks will prove very exciting for ZAMADZI so stay tuned for more updates!

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