Investment on books for physical libraries

Throughout 2019 we were busy ordering books for the physical libraries of our project members.

Physical libraries

Physical libraries and books are a very important tool for education institutions. In fact, one of the project objectives, defined in the inception report was:

Development of data base for rapid and easy exchange documents and data on Integrated water Management in Zambezi valley including working library of basic IWRM books and manuals in Portuguese, in cooperation with the local stakeholders

Having this in mind all ROs were asked to produce a list of all necessary books for the various courses related with Integrated Water Resources Management. This included books on, for example, water and wastewater treatment, irrigation, water supply, irrigation or hydrology; most of them in Portuguese. A complete list of the books supplied can be found at the end of this post. The books were then procured in Mozambique and are at this moment being delivered to the various institutions.

The books being received at FEAF.

The books for FENG.


For this piece we decided to interviewed the various ROs in order to understand the importance of the books, you can read their thoughts below. Unfortunately no feedback was received either from FAGRENM or FENG.

Faculdade de Engenharia Agrária e Florestal (FEAF)

Books are very necessary for FEAF because there was little literature available at the institution in matters related to Integrated Water Resources Management. Therefore, there was a need to enrich and diversify the library.
The books will be used in the courses of Irrigation and Drainage, Hydrology, Climatology, Soil Sciences, in order to reinforce and update their contents.
The books can be used by Professors, Students and Professionals in the sector in the area of influence of the faculty, and are located in the institution’s library.
Thus, books will be very important to raise the quality of teaching.

Faculdade de Engenharia Ambiental e dos Recursos Naturais (FEARN)

These books made it possible to increase the institution’s bibliographic collection on water management, but also to respond to one of the indicators of the Ministry of Education, which is to guarantee the existence of at least 3 copies of reference works for each core subject of the course. In this case, it will allow us to evaluate positively the courses of the degrees in Environmental Management and Planning, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering, Agricultural Engineering and the Master in Environmental and Water Resources Management.
The books will provide more research elements to students, teachers and the entire academic community in the province and will be allocated to the institution’s library, so the entire academic community of UniZambeze and visitors are the beneficiaries of the books.
Thus, the books will reinforce the institution’s bibliographic collection in order to support the teaching and learning process of students.

Faculdade de Ciências Agrárias (FCA)

FCA is an organic unit of the Zambezi University whose mission is to train agrarian professionals with high scientific technical quality to develop, undertake and disseminate knowledge, thus contributing to the sustainable development of the region and of Mozambique. This technical quality is acquired through practical and research activities for which we lacked the necessary bibliographic sources. This fact shows the relevance of the books on the topic of IWRM for our institution. Finally, the books will be available in the institution’s college library and used both by students, teachers and by the community.

Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia (FCT)

These bibliographic references were necessary for the institution, since their acquisition allowed to increase access to physical bibliography by students and teachers of the institution, thus facilitating the teaching and learning process.
The books can be used by the entire academic community, in particular students, teachers, according to the regulations in use at the FCT library and will be available at the FCT Central Library in the city of Beira
For the institution, these books represent a gain in the process of growth and equipping the library in works related to different areas of knowledge, or in course taught at their Faculty.

Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica (ISPM)

The requested books are needed to reinforce ISPM‘s institutional capacity with regard to the teaching and learning process, will be available in the institution’s library and will be used as reading sources for:

  • Students: consultations, as part of the learning process initiated in the classroom; for consultations in scientific research works, such as reports of practical classes, professional internship reports, elaboration of research protocols and monographs;
  • Teachers: preparation of theoretical and practical classes, preparation of research proposals to compete for competitive funds; preparation of scientific articles and research proposals for graduate studies;
  • Community in general: the books will be available for consultation by the ISPM community as well as students from other higher education institutions.

These books will be a fundamental component in the teaching and learning process and they will become even more relevant in a context of student-centered teaching followed at ISPM. Finally, the titles requested make it possible to reinforce not only the areas of specialty, such as irrigation and drainage and Hydraulics, as well as cross-cutting areas such as Environmental Management and Water Quality, Groundwater and Sustainable Agricultural Practices.

Instituto Superior Politécnico de Songo (ISPS)

The books were necessary due to the lack of specialized bibliography for the courses taught at ISPS.
The books will be used for consultation and will be accessible to the entire ISPS academic community and to the general public at the institution’s library.
ISPS offers engineering courses related to Energy Production and Water Resources Management. In this sense, the books acquired improve the teaching and learning process and help the institution to score well in the institutional evaluation and in the accreditation of the courses taught, thus increasing the level of the institution in the national and international ranking.

Hybrid libraries

The second step will include the implementation of hybrid libraries with access to (open source) learning materials leveraging the acquired ICT infrastructure.

List of books

The books were acquired from two Mozambican suppliers, Minerva and Escolar Editora.


TitleNumber of copies
Anatomia Vegetal - Parte I - Células e Tecidos3
Fisiologia e Desenvolvimento Vegetal3
Fundamentos de Genética3
Mecânica dos Fluidos3
Reuso de Agua na Agricultura2
Bioquímica de alimentos2
Topografia Para Engenharia2
Vogel: Análise Química Quantitativa2
Fitossanidade - Princípios Básicos e Métodos de Co2
Tratamento de Água e Efluentes2
Fundamentos em Ecologia2
Princípios Integrados de Zoologia2
Princípios das Operações Unitárias2
Fisiologia vegetal: Fotossíntese, respiração, rela2
Sistemas Sustentáveis de Esgotos2
Tratamento de Água2
Esgoto Sanitário: Coleta, Transporte, Tratamento e2
Tratamento Biológico de Efluentes. Fundamentos e A2
Sistemas Sustentáveis de Esgotos2
Irrigação princípios e métodos2
Irrigação por Aspersão em Hortaliças2
Manual de Hidráulica2
Microbiologia. 12 edicao2
Manual de Hidráulica2
Bombas Industriais2
Geologia Geral2
Para entender a terra2
Mapeamento geologico2
Microbiologia. 12 edicao2
Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Exercicios e2
Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Fundamentos2
Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Mecânica das2
Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Exercicios e2
Topografia: Aplicada a engenharia Civil (Volume 1)2
Topografia: Aplicada a engenharia Civil (Volume 2)2
Exercicios de Topografia2
Instalações Hidráulicas e o Projeto de Arquitetura2
Irrigação princípios e métodos2
Irrigação por Aspersão em Hortaliças2
Uso e manejo de irrigação2
Manual de Hidráulica2
Instalações Prediais Hidráulico-Sanitárias: Princí2
Manual de Hidráulica2
Manual de Hidráulica2
Hidráulica em Engenharia Civil e Ambiental2
Introdução à hidráulica, hidrologia e gestão de ag2
Drenagem Urbana. Do Projeto Tradicional à Sustenta2
Uso e manejo de irrigação1
Irrigação princípios e métodos1
Princípios Agronómicos da Irrigação1
Infiltração da agua no solo1
Microirrigação: gotejamento e microaspersão1
Dinâmica da água no solo1
Solo, planta e atmosfera: conceitos, processos e a1
Barragens de terra de pequeno porte1
Água - Métodos e Tecnologia de Tratamento1
Saneamento para Gestão Integrada das Águas Urbanas1

Escolar Editora

Rogalski, Mircea Serban Fisica para Engenheiros10
Armanda LencostreHidraulica Geral10
John Morfett e AndrewHidraulica em Engenharia Civil e Ambiental10
Mario de Assis PaixãoAguas e Esgotos em Urbanizacoes e Instalacoes Prediais10
Macitire, ArchibalInstalacoes Hidraulicas - prediais e Industriais10
Marlon, Karungo GomesFundamentos da mecanica dos solos10
José Carlos PascoaTurbimaquinas - Uma abordagem moderna10
António JoséBombas e instalacoes hidraulicas10
Pedro Carlos da SilvaTubulacões Industriais - Cálculo10
Archibald JosephBombas e instalacoes10
Pedro Carlos da SilvaTubalacoes industriais - materiais, projecto, montagem10
João Bernardo LaresNotas para o estudo da mecânica dos fluidos10
Adriano Manuel da AlmeidaAutomacão oleo-hidráulica - Princípios de funcionamento10
Carmo, José SimãoModelacão em hidráulica Fluvial e Ambiente10
Ferreira, Carlos AnteroTecnologia da Pulverometalurgia10
Sousa, Joaquim JoséHidráulica Urbana10
José Paulo Saraiva CabralGestão da manutencão de equipamentos, instalacões e esgotos10
Luis Santos PereiraNecessidades de água e métodos de rega 5
Jose Rasquilho RaposaA rega por aspersão5
Alftab & AzharIrrigation planning. Scheduling and evaluation software -Irpsaev: managing Meagre water Resources Efficiencly 5
National Research CouncilSoil and Water Quality. Na agenda of agriculture 5
Deborrah M. FairchildGround Water Quality and Agricultural Practises 5
Abel PintoSistema de Gestão Ambiental5
Sacarrão, G. F.Ecologia e Biologia do ambiente Vol. I5
Sacarrão, G. F.Ecologia e Biologia do ambiente Vol. II5
Pereira, Henrique MiguelEcossistemas e Bem Estar Humano5
Joaquim Quelhas dos SantosFertilizacao - Fundamentos Agroambientais da utilizacao dos adubos e Corretivos3
Frank M. WhiteMecanica dos Fluidos3
Srinivasan Damodaran - Kirk Quimica de Alimentos de Fennema3
Alberto Gomes de CastroEmbalagens para industria alimentar2
Murteira, B.Introducao a Estatistica 2
Luís Miguel BritoCompostagem, Fertilização do Solo e Substratos2
Joao Reis HipolitoHidrologia e Recursos Hidricos2
Denise LacasseIntrodução à Microbiologia Alimentar2
J.M. Coulson e J. F. RichardsonTecnologia Quimica I: Fluxo de Fluidos, transferencia de calor e transferencia de massa2
Archibald Joseph MacintyreManual de instalações hidráulicas e sanitárias2
Armando LencastreHidraulica Geral2
Homero Pinto Caputo Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Fundamentos - Volume 12
Homero Pinto Caputo Mecânica dos Solos e suas Aplicações, Exercicios e Problemas resolvidos - Volume 32
Constantine PozrikidisFluid Dynamics: Theory, Computation, and Numerical Simulation2
Yunus A. Çengel, John CimbalaFluid Mechanics: Fundamentals and Applications2
José Alfeu Sá Marques, JHidráulica Urbana. Sistemas de Abastecimento de Água e de Drenagem de Águas Residuais2
John Morfett e Andrew Chadwick Hidráulica em Engenharia Civil e Ambiental2
Charles FittsÁguas Subterrâneas2
Heitor PinaMétodos Numéricos2
Gerard J.Tortora, Berdell R FunkeMicrobiologia2
D. J. TrittonPhysical Fluid Dynamics2
Marcos Von SperlingBasic Principles of Wastewater Treatment2
Larry W. MaysWater Resource Engineering2
Fernandes,Manuel De MatosMecânica Dos Solos - Vol. 2 Introdução À Engenharia Geotécnica 2
McLean, Adam C.; Gribble, ColinGeology for Civil Engineers2
P.C VargheseEngineering Geology For Civil Engineers2
McCall, G.J.H.Urban Geoscience2
João Reis Hipólito, Álvaro Carmo Hidrologia e Recursos Hídricos 1
Pereira, LuísSantosNecessidades de água e métodos de rega1
Peter Atkins & JonesPrincipios de quimica 1
Lanny D. SchmidtThe engineering of chemical reactions 1
Charles G. Hill. Jr NAIntroduction to chemical engineering kinetics and reactor design. 1
FOUST, ALAN, LEONARDOPrincipios das operacoes unitarias1
White, Frank MFluid Mechanics, 1
Chung, C. ASmulation Modeling Handbook a practical apprach1
John Wiley & SonsMiddleman, S. Na Introduction to Mass and Heat Transfer. Principles of Analysis and Design1
A. Bejan, John Wiley & SonsConvection Heat Transfer1

Photo gallery

Finally we’re sharing photo gallery of the books being received at the various ROs.

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