Capacity building

Our capacity building approach has four main pillars, ordered by importance:

  1. MSc projects. The curricular part of the MSc projects is given by Universidade Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo, with field-work done in the Zambezi Valley.
  2. PhD projects. We will act as co-supervisors of these projects, with the candidates being based at regional Universities, members of WaterNet.
  3. Short-duration courses. The idea behind these courses is that all content developed can be used by the project participants to improve their curricula. We are aiming to have a diverse list of courses, covering topics from water and wastewater treatment, hydrology, modelling and project management. Part of these courses will be given by local experts.
  4. Action research projects. In these projects the various Universities involved in ZAMADZI will be able to study practical challenges that affect the region and its communities.

As it is clear to see, in all our activities we put a strong emphasis on leveraging local capacity, on strengthening the local networks and on developing knowledge that is produced in close cooperation with local experts and that is relevant for stakeholders in the region. We firmly believe that this is the best approach to build local capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management.