Apoio à rapariga para terminar o ensino primário na escola primária de Tembwe

Instituição: Instituto Superior Politécnico de Manica
Líder do projecto: Elisa Matola

At ISPM a project is running to support girls to finish their primary school and continue education. The below pictures give an impression of the project.

The whole group.

A mentorship program is put in place, where teachers from ISPM are mentoring the girls though their ‘school career’ until they reach the 7th grade.


Gender trainings.

A course is organized to train girls and teachers in teaching methods related to gender and sexual and reproductive health. The training was carried out with help from a health partner. The training was split in two: first students, followed by the teachers and direction of the school.


School material and sports material.

School material and sport equipment is provided for about 20 girls that started classes.


Items acquired for the library.

Part of the material that will be put in the library that we are rehabilitating. The other material comes from the collection of used books that several people are donating.