Short-duration courses – First edition – 2018

Here you can find the list of courses that were offered throughout 2018.

Course list for 2018

NameDescription and objectivesNumber of spots availableHostDateDeadline for applicationsTraining materials
Water resource management and food security Within the context of the country and in particular the situation of the Zambezi valley, challenges owners of small and medium sized farms are facing will be inventoried and solutions will be debated taking actual constraints into account. Apart of the objective of making the participants aware of the present situation in terms of the system of water management in place in the valley for securing optimal food security and for identifying possible solutions for improving the present situation, the course is also meant to define training programs needed by involved stakeholder organisations such as the farmers themselves, agricultural cooperation, responsible water management service providers and other, to be provided in following sessions. For this purpose the course will be concluded with half a day debate.20FCA, UniZambeze, Angónia30th July - 3rd AugustCLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.
Developments in higher education - new didactic approachesThis course is a shorten version of the course conducted in 2017 and is meant for lecturers intending to introducing new educational approaches such as blended learning, flip the classroom and other. The potential of ICT for education will be explained in detail, attention will be given how to make use of quality content and software available elsewhere in the world. Also how to design local courses making use of such materials. The Moodle Platform, defacto global standard for e-learning will be introduced. 20FAGRENM, UCM, Tete20th - 24th AugustCLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.
Server and network managementThis course will focus on managing windows based server systems and network devices. In the morning sessiond the participants will be trained how to configure and manage an windows system as email server including related user accounts and how to install and to operate the moodle e-learning platform as system manager. The afternoon sessions will be dedicated to the management, operations and maintenance of cabling system and network devices such as routers and switches.10Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo3rd - 7th SeptemberCLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.
ICT Service ManagementNext to the operational management of the ICT infrastructures, staff responsible for ICT will need guidance in developing appropriate policies concerning security/privacy, services to be provided by technical support staff to end users, acceptable use policies for authorized users and so on. As extension to the server and network management course, this course can be provided as extention to the server and network management courses10Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo10th - 12th SeptemberCLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.
Python programmingPython has become the successor of the powerful Matlab programming language and with that the de facto toolkit for research and engineering. It provides a comprehensive library of programming objects and functions and is fast extending the ones of Matlab. It has the advantages is that is available as Open Software, free available for every interested institution and users. The course will be conducted with interactive learning content developed by TU Delft with an user interface in Portuguese.20Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo5th - 9th NovemberCLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.
Planning and design of sanitation systems and technologies - Get familiar with urban sanitation assessment and planning tools and approaches;
- Know the existing options of sanitation systems and technologies and be able to design a technical project and analyse proposals;
- Understand which systems and technologies are most appropriate in different urban and peri-urban contexts
20FCT, UniZambeze, Beira26th - 30th November CLOSEDAvailable for the participating ROs upon request.


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