Developments in higher education – new didactic approaches

This course is a shorter version of the course conducted in 2017 and is meant for lecturers intending to introducing new educational approaches such as blended learning, flip the classroom and other. The potential of ICT for education will be explained in detail, attention will be given how to make use of quality content and software available elsewhere in the world. Also how to design local courses making use of such materials. The Moodle Platform, defacto global standard for e-learning will be introduced.


1Gil Virgílio ChibantãoFCA
2Crescêncio da Amargura Almeida MucipoFCA
3Adélicio Lucas AlbertoFCT
4Beatriz Reyes ColladoFCT
5António Daniel PaturoFCT
6Agi Costa CassimoFEAF
7Manuel Tome LangaFEAF
8Armando ManuelFENG
9Tânia Prachedes Soares GomesFENG
10Denyse Claudette da Conceição SebastiãoISPM
11José Jacinto ChamboISPM
12Maria Albertina DiasISPM
13Agostinho Valente MacaneFAGRENM
14Danilo Willson de Charas RichardsFAGRENM
15Eliseu Cosme Tito NjaicoFAGRENM
16Noivado António BeulaFAGRENM
17Zito Moises LopesFAGRENM
18Luisa Braga Jeremias NyambirISPS
19Celma Jorgina Chicico MutipoFEARN
20Jenita Benício CangolaFEARN
21Julia da Percilia David Gaspar SilotaFEARN