The water-food nexus: capacity development for improved water management and food production in the Zambezi Valley.

In addition to making the participants aware of the present situation in terms of the system of water management in the Valley for securing optimal food security and for identifying possible solutions for improving the present situation, the course is also meant to define training programs needed by involved stakeholder organizations such as individual farmers, agricultural cooperation, responsible water management service providers and other, to be provided in following sessions.


All training materials can now be downloaded: [Download not found].


NumberNameRequesting organization
1Joaquim Viola PauloFCA
2Betz Lindolfo Vicente Injage JulioFCA
3Gil ChibantãoFCA
4Naftal Jose NaftalFCT
5Ângelo Baptista AlfaceFEAF
6Florindo Eduardo IndipitaFEAF
7Hélio Do Rosário Luís ArmaziaFEAF
8Manuel Tome LangaFEAF
9Nelson Virgilio RafaelFEAF
10Yolanda Laura Ganhane de SousaFEAF
11Alfixa Bernardo MeloFEAF
12Arsenio Agostinho MutatisseISPM
13Marcio Xavier Basilio AdamoISPM
14Zito Moises LopesFAGRENM
15Faria Joaquim LuisISPS