The purpose of the course is to train participants on the fundamentals of geo-hydrology. The course focus is on hydrogeology aspects that include characterization of aquifers; groundwater level, flow direction recharge; groundwater and surface-water interaction; natural groundwater quality; groundwater contamination; and transport of contaminants in porous medium. The course includes also basic concepts on groundwater monitoring and protection as well as reclamation of contaminated aquifers. The course is designed to support the Zambezi Valley Development Agency in fulfilling its strategy that includes the building of capacity to enable effective and efficient management of groundwater.


1Paulino Bartolomeu SandramoMFCA
2Borges Francisco BrasMFCA
3Jacinto Emilia LaqueneMFCT
4Cesario Jose CassamoMFCT
5Ângelo Baptista AlfaceMFEAF
6João Mangane MachauMFEAF
7Gilberto Sebastião MucambeMFENG
8Mateus PedroMFENG
9Regina Goncalves Saide AleixoFFEARN
10Elina Isac DelaneFFEARN
11Johane ChinhacataMISPS
12Ivaldo Soares MISPS
13Jose Luis PiresMISPM
14Aldmira João ChifucoFISPM
15Ana Karina RibeiroFFAGRENM
16Paulo Saize SamuelMFAGRENM
17Nelson MirandaMAra Zambeze
18Tivi FunbecoMFipag Tete