Participatory management of water resources

The purpose of the course is to train participants in a train-the-trainer mode about Participatory approaches in Water Resources Management. The five day course is pitched at Bachelor and Licenciatura level and treats five specific topics, which will be concluded on the final two days with a practical assignment on designing effective Water User Associations. The five key topics are: 1. Water management trends in the water sector; 2. different participatory approaches; 3. Public-private partnerships in water supply; 4. Water User Associations in the irrigation sector; 5. participation in river basin management. All topics will treat global and Mozambique specific approaches/cases that endow participants with both the knowledge and skills to design effective forms of participation in water management and governance.


1Afonso José LuísMFCA
2Betz Lindolfo Vicente Injage JúlioMFCA
3Dinis Francisco SimbeMFCT
4Adelicio Lucas AlbertoMFCT
5Fernando Nortor Hilário ChareMFEAF
6Yolanda Laura Ganhane de SousaFFEAF
7Domingos Matambedze FarnelaMFENG
8Marcos Francisco BallatMFENG
9Jenita Benício CangolaFFEARN
10Jose MourinhoMFEARN
11Johane ChinhacataMISPS
12Félix Eusébio BanzeMISPS
13Celso Luís FaifeMISPS
14Luisa Nyambir ManuelFISPS
15Isabel Salvador ZunguzeFISPS
16Arsenio MutatisseMISPM
17Tome NguirazeMISPM
18Ana Karina RibeiroFFAGRENM
19Paulo Saize SamuelMFAGRENM
20Décio SozinhoMAra Zambeze
21Delton Luis NhaiaMAra Centro