Python has become the successor of the powerful Matlab programming language and with that the de facto toolkit for research and engineering. It provides a comprehensive library of programming objects and functions and is fast extending the ones of Matlab. It has the advantages is that is available as Open Software, free available for every interested institution and users. The course will be conducted with interactive learning content developed by TU Delft with an user interface in Portuguese.

Mais informação

O quê: curso introdutório de Python
Quando: 3 a 9 de Junho de 2019
Onde: Centro de Informática da UEM (CIUEM)


1Bruno Luís NicoateMFCT
2Niurka CândidoFFEAF
3Inocêncio Oliveira MulaveiaMFENG-UCM
4Márcio Xavier Basílio AdamoMFEAF
5Esta GimoFISPM
6Astorga ChatocotaMFAGRENM
7Júlio Lopes Lampião MFEARN