Planning and design of sanitation systems and technologies

This course was initially developed by EAWAG and EPFL, in cooperation with the World Bank,  and is available on Coursera.  The main objectives of this course are: get familiar with urban sanitation assessment and planning tools and approaches. Know the existing options of sanitation systems and technologies and be able to design a technical project and analyse proposals. Understand which systems and technologies are most appropriate in different urban and peri-urban contexts.

At ZAMADZI we opted for translating the training materials into Portuguese and make them available Mozambican stakeholders.


1Paulino Bartolomeu SandramoMFCA
2Raul Ezerinho SalatoMFCA
3Torres Rafael Jaquissone MFCT
4Francisco Jorge AraujoMFCT
5Stéio Felisberto Ernesto MoutinhoMFCT
6Haroldo Juvenal ChateMFCT
7Hélio de Rosário ArmaziaMFEAF
8Angelo Baptista AlfaceMFEAF
9Francisco Domingos SacamaMFENG
10Gilberto Sebastião MucambeMFENG
11André  Maxel  Mabota ConradoMFEARN
12Roberto Justino Arnaldo ChuquelaMFEARN
13Faria Joaquim Luis MISPS
14Guerra Francisco Raposo ChimoioMISPS
15Fernando Gomes MangachaiaMISPM
16Moisés de Jesus Paulo MavaringanaMISPM
17Elizete Márcia António MacieFFAGRENM
18Jemusse Manuel NaissoneMFAGRENM