Water quality

The purpose of the course is to train the participants on water quality monitoring aspects that are relevant for strategic water resources management. It includes aspects about water quality monitoring parameters and standards, field and laboratory analysis, data analysis and reporting, as well as planning water quality monitoring systems considering the local circumstances. The course is designed to support the Zambezi Valley Development Agency in fulfilling its strategy that includes the development of studies and strategies to promote economic and social development of the Zambezi River Basin in Mozambique.


1José CarlosMFCA
2Gil Virgílio Guilherme ChibantãoMFCA
3Adélicio Lucas AlbertoMFCT
4Naftal Jose NaftalMFCT
5Virgílio Salomão TeteMFEAF
6Alfixa Bernardo MeloMFENG
7Mateus PedroMFENG
8Elina DelaneFFEARN
9Angelo Emilio DamiãoMFEARN
10Edelino Guilherme FoquiçoMISPS
11Isabel Salvador ZunguzeFISPS
12Maria Rosa Debué Chiga UailaFISPM
13Cremildo Antonio Luis FranciscoMISPM
14Bresnev AroucaMFAGRENM
15Alfatilio HuoMFAGRENM
16João José ArmindoMCollins Mocuba