Water and wastewater treatment

The purpose of the course is to train participants on the fundamentals of water and waste water treatment engineering. The course focus on quality and quantity aspects of characterization of water and waste water, objectives of water and waste water treatment, characterization and functionality of unit operations for water and waste water treatment, global dimensioning of treatment processes and setting up of a water/wastewater treatment plant (order of treatment processes). The course is designed to support the Zambezi Valley Development Agency in fulfilling its strategy that includes the building of capacity to enable effective and efficient management of processes required to manage a water treatment plants.


1Marques da Graça Paulo António MassochaMFCA
2Gil Virgílio Guilherme ChibantãoMFCA
3Leonildo Manuel VazMFCT
4Stélio Felisberto MoutinhoMFCT
5Virgílio Salomão TeteMFEAF
6Yolanda Laura Ganhane de SousaFFEAF
7Gilberto Sebastião MucambeMFENG
8Marcos Francisco BallatMFENG
9Cristóvão José PereiraMFEARN
10Angelo Emilio DamiãoMFEARN
11Farias Joaquim LuísMISPS
12Isabel Salvador ZunguzeFISPS
13Maria Rosa Debué Chiga UailaFISPM
14Elsa LameiraFISPM
15Gracieta Simão ChissicoFISPM
16Jemusse Manuel Naissone GaleMFAGRENM
17Paulo Saize SamuelMFAGRENM