Presentations and reports

Here you can access our technical documentation, including presentations, reports and posters. We have sorted the list of documents according to the event where it was presented.

Inception workshopTete, Mozambique20-26 Feb2017 Presentation - Introduction to the project (PT) (68 downloads) --
Future Search ConferenceTete, Mozambique23-26 May 2017 Presentation - The concept of a Future Search conference (PT) (61 downloads)
Posters - Future Search conference (60 downloads)
Report - Baseline assessment - Sprockler - Stakeholder perspectives to water resources management in the Zambezi valley, Mozambique (EN) (73 downloads)
WaterNet SymposiumSwakopmund, Namibia26 Oct 2017 Presentation - Introduction to the project (EN) (54 downloads) --
Annual meetingTete, Mozambique19-20 Mar 2018 Presentation - Integrated Water Resources Management (PT) (68 downloads)
Presentation - Action Research (PT) (65 downloads)
Presentation - ICT Infrastructure (EN) (68 downloads)
Report - Progress report (PT) (73 downloads)